Relocation service Upper Franconia region: Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg etc.

  • Employee fast & legally secures ready to use.
  • We take care of all the formalities on site.
  • Ideal for new employees from abroad.

Registrations & de-registrations | All formalities in the district of Upper Franconia

  • Authorities in Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg and much more: registration, re-registration, Blue Card
  • Application: tax ID, social security, health insurance, liability insurance
  • Opening an account on site
  • Introductory talk
  • Accompanied apartment search in Upper Franconia, incl. Rental agreement, handover, deposit, etc.
  • Assistance with the supply of the household: Internet, telephone, energy, radio license fee
  • Information on waste separation, correct heating and ventilation
  • Advice on buying a car, resident parking permit, etc.
  • Advice on common and necessary insurance
  • Information on local transport around Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg and much more.
  • Language schools and doctors
  • Settling-in: shopping, sport and leisure, culture
Relocation Service by Relexo Nuremberg

Your employees are quickly ready for action in Upper Franconia! Contact us now!

Family reunification | Partner | children

Housing search for employees
  • Introductory talk for spouses, registration & re-registration.
  • Opening a bank account, changing the tax class and much more.
  • Residential parking permit Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg etc.
  • Settling-in for spouse/family.

Orientation tour in Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg etc.

Arrive & feel good in Upper Franconia! We show the new home around Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg etc. and what it has in store.

  • Introductory talk, city orientation: culture, events, sights, gastronomy.
  • Preliminary and follow-up discussions: personal and general questions about moving, work, etc.
  • Presentation of possible residential areas, public transport, etc.
  • Presentation of shopping and leisure opportunities.
  • Introducing kindergartens and schools.
Relocation Service Coburg / Bayreuth / Kulmbach / Bamberg

This is why RELEXO is so popular in Franconia:

NON-EU | Services

  • Applying for and obtaining the residence permit (eAT), blue card.
  • Applying for and obtaining the residence permit for the children.
  • Obtaining a fiction certificate.
  • Immigration formalities: admission to the labor market, recognition of qualifications.
  • Applying for a visa to take up work
  • Experienced consultants who know the needs of individual cultures.

GOOD-BYE | When moving from Franconia

  • Processing contracts: utility, insurance, broadcasting, bank account, forwarding request, etc.
  • Returning the apartment, processing the rental agreement, etc.
  • De-registration at the authority.