Relocation Service
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Employees from abroad ready for action quickly!

All formalities

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Single | Couple | Family

For the fastest possible start of work.

✓ Registration / change of registration
✓ Tax ID
✓ Social insurance g
✓ Health insurance
✓ Fast & legally secure
And much more!


Orientation tour

Orientation tour to discover the region.

✓ Housing market
✓ On-site mobility
✓ Shopping opportunities
✓ Culture & sports opportunities
✓ Personal & amicable
And much more!


Executives & board members

For special demands and highest appreciation.

✓ Airport pick-up service
✓ A first filling of the refrigerator
✓ Cultural offers
✓ Search for an apartment or house
✓ Personal & legally secure
And much more!


Assistance with moving out

Support in moving out of Germany.

✓ Processing of contracts
✓ Return of the apartment
✓ Official formalities
✓ Unsubscribes
✓ Contract cancellations
And much more!

Relocation Service

André Becker | Experte für Relocation

Your new employees:
Quick & legally ready for use in Germany!

We are the partner for HR departments and companies. We have been looking after your new employees personally for over three decades. This is how we make the arrival in the new home particularly warm. In addition, you have the security of a quick start to work.

Contact us now if you would like to deploy employees from abroad in Germany.

Relexo: We’ll get your new employees ready for action quickly!

Relocation Service offers its new employees professional support in all areas that a job-related move entails. Regardless of whether it is dealing with authorities such as registration and re-registration, applying for a residence permit, looking for an apartment or buying a car: our relocation consultants are available to assist the delegate (employees) with advice and action.

Professional support from a relocation service ensures that your new employees can fully focus on their new work right from the start. We ensure that the delegates (employees) can work immediately by, among other things, initiating the generation of the tax ID, supporting the opening of a bank account and ensuring adequate health insurance coverage.

Experience shows that it is always worth commissioning a relocation service – whether you have one or one hundred employees per year, you too can benefit from our experience. Relexo is that Relocation agency for Germany.

And! Relocation service is our passion. As Third generation family company we attach great importance to personal contact.

There is a personal contact person for the client / company / HR. With your relocation manager, you can discuss the scope and details of our support for your employees and receive regular updates and status reports on the relocation of your current cases.

The delegate (employee) also has a personal contact person – a relocation consultant. He carries out the commissioned service in direct consultation with the delegate (employee) and is available as a contact person.

We support employees from all over the world – even German employees who return from abroad would like the support of a relocation service.